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Amazon FBA Fee Calculator – UK

Amazon FBA Fee Calculator – UK

Welcome to the Amazon FBA Fees Calculator for the UK! This tool helps you calculate the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees for shipping your products to customers. Please note that this calculator does not include storage fees.

Product Size Categories:

  • Envelope sizes: Small, standard, large, and extra-large envelopes, with weight limits ranging from 60g to 960g and specific dimension limits.
  • Parcel sizes: Small and standard parcels with various weight tiers up to 11.9 Kg and maximum dimensions of 45 x 34 x 26 cm for standard parcels.
  • Oversize: Larger or heavier items, divided into small, standard, and large oversize, each with specific weight and dimension limits.

Dimensional Weight:

Amazon calculates shipping costs based on the space your product occupies and its weight, considering the greater of the unit weight or dimensional weight. Dimensional weight is calculated as (length x width x height cm³) divided by 5000.

Fulfillment Fees:

  • Fees vary based on product size and weight, with different tiers for envelope sizes, parcel sizes, and oversize categories.
  • Oversize products: Specific fees apply depending on their size and weight within the oversize category.

Our calculator offers a detailed breakdown of potential shipping fees, aiding you in making informed decisions for your Amazon business. Note that Amazon uses its own packaging, which may not feature your brand’s logo during shipping. Utilize our calculator to effectively manage the cost aspects of selling on Amazon UK.


in individual packaging


in individual packaging


Last update: 6 Dec 2023